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Calculate daytrader exit points and options expiration scenarios

View break-even point and maximum gain-loss for trades

Manage risk and protect your portfolio

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Microsoft Windows
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Do You Know Your Exit Strategy ?

Stock Trader ? Options Trader ?
Do you trade stocks and need a quick view of exit points ?

Do you trade options and need to compare expiration scenarios ?

Plan Your Exit Strategy
Daytrader Companion is a Windows desktop app for daytraders, options traders, and stock investors which provides a quick and easy means for viewing exit and expiration gain-loss scenarios.

Stock traders can view the results of different exit points, along with the break-even price. Options traders can view expiration scenarios, including maximum gain-loss for the trade.

Small Popup Calculator
Novice traders, as well as seasoned pros, should appreciate the intuitive calculator style design of Daytrader Companion.

The dialog is small enough to hover over a trading platform. The app can also be minimized to the system tray for quick access.

Determine Stop-Loss Points
Stock trader ?

Use Daytrader Companion to determine your stop-loss or take-profit points. Set price levels in dollars and cents or as a percent from the entry point. Know your exit plan in advance.

View Options Expiration Scenarios
Options trader ?

Use Daytrader Companion to calculate expiration gain-loss for different price points. Select from standard options, vertical spreads, strangles, and straddles. Define your risk in advance.

Plan Long-Term Price Targets
Long-term investor ?

Use Daytrader Companion for long range price target planning. Determine capital gains for large percent price moves. Set long term goals in advance.

Know Your Exit Plan In Advance
Don't get caught without an exit strategy. Hope is not a plan, but a recipe for failure in the stock market. With Daytrader Companion, you can know your exit strategy, define your risk, and set your goals.

Costs Less Than $5
There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, time limitations, feature restrictions, or other pricing tricks that make you pay over and over.

Daytrader Companion eliminates all the pricing trickery.
one-time payment, unlimited use, forever license



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